The Getaway

by El Escapado

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released May 10, 2015



all rights reserved


El Escapado Nashville, Tennessee

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Track Name: Escapado
Escapado why dont you quit acting foolish, you've been trying to do this for so long now.
Oh your a hard one, but you've got your reasons. These things that are pleasing you, will hurt you somehow.
Don't expect us to be there on time, we'll get there if we're able. You know a shot of Jack is our best bet.
Oh it seems to me a line of things, has been laid upon my table. But its always the longest line that you regret. Escapado.
Track Name: The Muse
We rolled the dice
Yeah we bet it all
But let the curtains fall
A futile mission

And when the spark began
This city took us in
And those of you who sinned
Will find perdition

Well we packed it up and loaded in
Then sat and drank for hours
No matter how we saw it then
More nights were sweet than sour
And there was always a place we called home

The Muse

Oh, now that we've lost our broken home
We've got nowhere to go
The growth that swallowed us..whole

No matter what they say to you
There is no replication
No community or unity
As strong as that location
And I fear we may never find home
Bad news!
Track Name: What's Wrong With You
I know what's wrong with you
I only wish that you could see it too

Well you always think you're right
The first to push or start a fight
You refuse to see the light
You're without blame
And lack insight

You're not the only one whose hearts been used
Why won't you listen to those who speak the truth

What's wrong with you

You never listen to anyone's advice
You never forgive
You won't apologize
You're fooling no one
With such a sad disguise
Look on the inside
Track Name: The Eagle Is Watching
When you look into the sky
Oh, do you realize
These intrusive prying eyes
Are spying on our lives
And they have control
From the actions formed by fear
And they watch us from the air
Oh, but do you even care

It started back before 1984 when Reagan faced the Russians during the Cold War
It progressed to what we have today
Satellite controlled drones killing children in their homes

What will you do?

What will you do when the bombs fall down on you

Oh, for how long
Will we allow them to invade
Drop bombs from outer space
Collecting data, names, and faces
Will you heed the call
It's time to reclaim our civil rights
Because we should be free
With true democracy

Oh look into their lies
Oh it's your duty and your right
To question their line of sight
Or they'll use force and they'll use might
It's our own home
Oh and we should have a life
Free from prying eyes
From eagles in the sky
Track Name: Medal Of Horror
Johnny went to basic
Right out of high school
And on his first assignment
He saw his friends get killed
He came home a hero
But with a taste for heroin
A daily habit; wreaking havoc
While in and out of jail
Daddy listen!
Your little boy is gone
But it wasn't a bullet
It's the needle in his arm

We're blind to all the lies
Those who served come home broken
To face a broken; crooked government

Denied! You've been denied
It's wrong that the ones who served us can't get service
Because the war's not out there
It's in the boys who are coming home
Track Name: Battle With the Bottle
Monday morning I wake up
Just the same as every day
Well I can't hide my bloodshot eyes
Or the smell of Wild Turkey
And I can not remember just exactly where I was last night
But with a little cash for some sour mash
I'll remember things alright
Well I'm still drinking I'm not thinking
About the consequence
When I'm on the sauce I'm at a loss
Of my own common sense
And there's rarely a time that I can't be found in my favorite spot
Just look for the fool at the third barstool slamming whiskey shots

Now it's 3am and the pub's about to close
I've been drinking all day and I have nowhere else to go
From behind the bar it's advised to me that I should give it up
I said I would if I could but I know that I will never win the battle with the bottle

I will never win the battle with the bottle
Track Name: The Escape
There used to be a time
When we would go out every night
A gang of rejects
Searching for a home

Never self-defeating nor crippled Thinking no one was on our side
We had each other
Never felt alone

When I lost my steam
And lost my dream
To chase the albatross
My friends came through
And pieced me back to whole

So cut us loose and let us prove
We've some something with our lives
Let us lay tracked to open roads

Cut us loose
Gotta get away